Aaron Monro

Hi, I'm Aaron!


I am a student at Drexel University majoring in Graphic Design, with a double minor in Interactive Digital Media and Marketing. I have always been a creative but over the years my love for design has progressed to the point I have chosen to make it my career path. My passion for design stems from its ability to change and influence the world around us. With our ever-growing digital world, I believe now more than ever, design is quintessential part of our lives.

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Web Design &

Over the past year I have fallen in love with web. Whether that be coding, design or user integration. The world is so heavily reliant on the “world wide web” and all things electronic, that with the integration of thoughtful and conscious design we can impact the world around us.


Branding is a key to a successful brand or organization. A brand or logo the first impression to many customers or consumers, this puts a lot of pressure on establishing something that is impactful. This challenge is extremely exciting and fulfilling to me. From the brand research to the multiple sketches, every step of the way must be malicious and meaningful, I love it.

Publication &
Print Design

Publication and print design are telling a story with only the secondary help from the actual text. You must convey the message before a viewer reads the first word. From editorial to poster design, I used the fundamentals of design to communicate to the viewer.


Illustration is filled with endless possibilities. It is a labor of love for me, I have been commission to do a few album cover and t shirt designs. I love the creative freedom it allows and the unexpected compositions that come from the pure enjoyment I get from it.